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- - masome porazim
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After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the definition of security changed and terrorism was considered a threat to state security. The government of Iran and Afghanistan have been involved in the issue of terrorism and its security and political implications for many years. Meanwhile, Iran, especially Sistan and Baluchistan province, has suffered greatly from the presence of terrorist elements. As al-Qaeda and the Taliban have a relatively active presence in Afghanistan, ISIL's presence has now added to Afghanistan's security challenges and increased the security threats to Iran and Sistan and Baluchistan province. Accordingly, the present study seeks to answer the question, what security challenges will the Taliban and ISIS presence in Afghanistan have for Sistan and Baluchistan? According to the research question, our hypothesis is that the presence of Taliban and ISIS terrorist groups in Afghanistan could lead to social threats, such as changing the demographic structure, provoking Sunnis in the Balochistan region, economic threats including inter-state trade with regional countries, drug trafficking. In the political dimension, large-scale insecurity for the Iranian government and in the environmental dimension will aggravate the water crisis for the province. The research method is descriptive-analytical.
Reza Simbar - sedigheh Azin
Keywords : Sistan and Baluchistan, Afghanistan, Taliban, IS, Copenhagen
With the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the bipolar system, the nature of power has undergone a substantive transformation, and along with hard power, another dimension of power, soft power, has emerged. A prominent feature of the new era is the increasing importance of soft power in international relations. For many years, military power has been the only means for states to advance their interests. But today the use of military force to gain influence among other nations has lost its effectiveness, so that a media outlet is rated as more effective than the military. Iran, as an ancient country with a history and cultural background in the Central Asian region, and in particular Tajikistan, can make the most of its soft power and cultural diplomacy. Given the foregoing circumstances, the question arises as to what are the historical components of Iran's soft power in Tajikistan? And what constraints and considerations have prevented the practical realization of the proper use of these capacities? In order to answer these questions in this study Persian language and literature, customs and historical studies have been studied and it is assumed that political factors and the existence of competing cultures including the reasons and barriers to practical realization of capacity. They are.
Behrang moadab - behrang moadab
Keywords : Iran, Tajikistan, Soft Power, Cultural Diplomacy, Persian Language
Globalism or globalism nowadays refers to different ideologies of globalization. The American political scientist Joseph Nye, a co-founder of the theory of neoliberal international relations, has argued that globalism is any interpretation of the world that is characterized by networks of communication. Scattered across intercontinental intervals, while globalization is meant to increase or decrease the degree of globalism. When it comes to globalization, it means the insights and ideologies that exist in mind. In globalism we move beyond limited entities such as localism to the larger realm. In Malcolm Waters's words, "globalization is a social process in which geographical constraints that cast a shadow on social and cultural relations are becoming increasingly aware of the decline of these constraints." The term globalism refers to the expansion of the range of human interaction and human societies across the globe. Therefore, some scholars equate sphericalism with the term 'spherical' in the sense that it has influenced the dimensions of individual and group life in the spheres of culture, politics, economics, and so on
mohammad sajad shiroody - alireza sadra
Keywords : Globalization, globalization, globalization, cyberspace, soft power

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