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The use of artificial intelligence in the military has been competing among nations since the early 1990s and has led to the development of a new generation of weapons and military equipment, including smart laser-guided bombs or drones and radar-evading aircraft. Some governments and emerging groups are using artificial intelligence to destabilize the world and carry out numerous cyberattacks. These elements of emerging technology allow cybercriminals to dramatically increase their sabotage around the world. Artificial intelligence will change everything and will seriously change the situation in the world in the coming years. Technologies such as artificial intelligence could be the main fuel needed by cybercriminals to operate in the world. In the future, humans will have to live with the constant fear and anxiety caused by the misuse of artificial intelligence, and governments, individuals and organizations must work to solve this problem. . In this article, we discuss the applications of artificial intelligence in the military field, which will lead to attacks with different forms in takfiri terrorist groups.
mohammad sajad shiroody - majid hematy - ebrahim siahposh
Keywords : Artificial intelligence, technology, takfiri terrorist groups, cyber
The rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia dates back to before the Islamic Revolution, but with the change of the political system in Iran after the Shiite-centered revolution, this rivalry took on new forms, as the two countries are influential powers in the Islamic world. They have the power of regionalism and the leadership of other countries. Therefore, the competition between Iran and Saudi Arabia is very important because of the importance of these two countries in the region and the Islamic world and the impact they have on other actors in the Middle East. Currently, the two countries are trying to bring countries like Iraq into line with their regional policies. The purpose of this paper is to examine the competition between Iran and Saudi Arabia in Iraq based on game theory. In this regard, the question arises as to how the competition between Iran and Saudi Arabia in Iraq is analyzed based on game theory. Given that both countries have many influential components in Iraq that can determine the stage of confrontation or cooperation depending on the type of game, the present article intends to explain the possible scenes of confrontation and possible cooperation between the two countries in Iraq. Draw a picture.
mohammadzaman rastgoo - sarem shiravand - abuzar omrani - Zolfaghar dideh vara
Keywords : Game Theory, Confrontation and Interaction, Cooperation and Conflict, Foreign Policy, National Interests
This research, using a descriptive-analytical research method, seeks to investigate the causes of the decline in the authority of some governments in the field of international politics. Another question that arises is whether, given the current situation of the Syrian government, it is possible to analyze the decline of the Syrian government's authority and make this government one of the fallen governments. The answer is that the weakening of the authority of governments in the international system has been the result of the pressure of two strong and parallel national and international driving forces: the weakening of the role and internal functions of governments and the subsequent changes and developments. Domestic violence, on the one hand; On the other hand, the pressure of the major regional and trans-regional powers has challenged the main element of the state, its sovereignty, and has led to a decline in modern politics. The data and information collection method in this study is based on the library method.
mahdyeh heydari
Keywords : state , international system, sovereignty, government collapse, Syria
abouza Nazarian
Keywords : a
Keywords :

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